Dare to Be 100: Obesity Is Not a Disease

As a Certified Bariatric Nurse, Program Director and someone personally affected by severe obesity who sought surgical treatment over 12 years ago, I am deeply offended by the comments in this article.

Dr. Bortz makes reference articles in 1934 and 1968 and service to the AMA 30 years ago. Might medicine have changed in the past 30-80 years? Why yes, I believe it has. Research by well respected experts illustrates multiple causes and contributing factors to obesity. To refer to Bariatric surgery as malpractice when it has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, my own included, alludes to a complete lack of comprehension and understanding of both the causal factors and the complex metabolic consequences of excess weight.

References in this article to “gut surgeons” and “appetite drug hucksters” belittle the knowledge of experts working in the field of Bariatric medicine and surgery. It defies the expertise and research of professional societies such as the ASMBS, TOS and the ASBP. I work with those affected by obesity and severe obesity every day. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my work with you.

I challenge anyone reading this article to move past the decades old rhetoric to review current information.

Thank you,
Pamela R. Davis, RN, CBN
Bariatric Program Director
Chairman of the Board, Obesity Action Coalition
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