Letter to Santa (from two adopted shelter dogs)


Merry Christmas everyone! Geordie and Brady Davis here and we are so excited mom is letting us post our letter to Santa as guest bloggers on her site. We pointed out to mom she had been a little negligent of her blog recently and the cuteness of us is just what she needs to get it back on track. We’ve been trying every morning to type our letter to Santa while mom’s checking her email and Facebook, but not having thumbs makes it really hard. So, mom agreed to type our letter to Santa and in exchange, we agreed to let her post it here.

Dear Santa,

Geordie and Brady Davis here. Since a lot has changed for us in the last year or so, we’re thinking we may need to remind you who we are. 


I’m Geordie (the smart one). You came to see me last year which was my first year with mom and dad. I still didn’t know them really well, but I knew choosing them to be my new parents would be a good idea. When I first found myself all alone in Gallatin, Tennessee, being a smart dog, I figured if I went to one of the local schools there would be lots of good people there, maybe even someone who would want to take me home. Well, instead I found myself in the Nashville Metro pound. I was literally on death row, scheduled to be executed the next day for a crime I didn’t commit. Oh wait, I guess the crime was not having a family, maybe I was guilty. On the day before my planned execution, EmmyLou Harris’ wonderful organization, Bonaparte’s Retreat http://www.bonapartesretreat.org/#!/Home came and rescued me. They only rescue dogs like me, who are on death row. They placed me in a temporary foster home with a wonderful woman named Kate. Another great organization, Mars Petcare sponsored an annual adoption day and that’s when I first met mom and dad.

Out of all the dogs there, they chose me! There were a couple of other people who filled out an adoption application, but mom called every day until Kate came to see them. She brought me with her and I got to stay! Those first three months were so great-I was the only dog, the top dog, they took me everywhere-to the toy store, to the park and even just riding around so I could bark at motorcycles.

Then, it happened. I saw mom on the computer and she was gushing over another dog. His name was Dillard and he was on the Tennessee Death Row Dogs site. He was at the Clarksville-Montgomery County Animal Shelter. He was sooooooo furry you couldn’t even tell from the picture what kind of dog he was. So off we went, me and mom in the car driving to Clarksville to see another dog. “Dillard” had just been picked up by a rescue and was at the beauty shop so we had to go there to check him out. Come to find out, there was a dog under all that fur, a Cocker Spaniel. I stayed in the car while mom met him, she liked him a lot so I got to go in and meet him. Well, I decided to let him know right away who’s boss so I peed all down mom’s leg-she’s mine! That didn’t stop him, he just sat there in her lap like he thought he belonged there or something! Next thing I know, Dad is there too and well, long story short, I got a new “little” (although he’s older, he’s still little) brother. We all decided Dillard was a totally dorky name so after much thought we decided to go with Brady (mom won’t let me say words like what I wanted to name him) after Tom Brady. I don’t know how Brady came to be at the shelter the day after Christmas, he won’t talk about it. Either it’s too depressing or too awful to share. I know how he feels. Life on the streets is bad enough, but being dumped by your family at four years old, that sucks too. Here’s Brady’s picture, he kind of blends in with the furniture.


So now that you remember who we are, we just wanted to let you know that this year for Christmas, we don’t need a thing. We have a mom and dad who love us, who spoil us rotten (mom’s phrase) and give us lots and lots of love. We have two brothers who aren’t as furry as we are and they walk on their hind legs all the time, but they’re pretty cool too. Every day we have full bellies, warm beds, toys and a big yard to run in. Every day we get hugged and kissed and reminded that we are the best dogs in the whole world.

“So this year Santa, we were wondering, could you make sure every shelter dog gets a home like ours?”

With Much Love and Much Gratitude,

Geordie and Brady Davis

P.S. IF you have some extra tennis balls rolling around the sleigh, I could perhaps take those off your hands-you know just to make sure they don’t cause a sleigh wreck or anything.

One Comment on “Letter to Santa (from two adopted shelter dogs)

  1. You boys make your parents so very happy! It was good to get to see you at the Christmas party. You are so sleek and beautiful. Nice that your mom types for you as you are so eloquent.

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