I’m Curious

Nearly four years ago I attended a conference where one of the sessions included an overview of social media, specifically Facebook. I came home from the conference, spent a couple of hours online and created my Facebook profile as well as a page for the bariatric program where I work. At that same time, I gave Twitter a try, set up my profile, etc. and I just didn’t get it! I deleted my account and pretty much kept wondering what all the hype was about. Eventually, I started watching some videos (you know, the cute kitten and puppy type) on YouTube. Then I discovered cooking videos, then videos by lots of people I know in the bariatric field, so I expanded my profile to actually have a channel for both me and my work.

In April of 2011, I had the opportunity to attend Obesity Online, an event sponsored by Ethicon Endo-Surgery and the Obesity Action Coalition with the featured guest speaker being Melissa Lierman Melissa, AKA “Time Out Mom” was an awesome speaker on social media. I could have easily listened to her for oh, two or three weeks! After hearing Melissa and her helpful hints, tips and suggestions, I decided to give Twitter another try. I beefed up our Twitter feeds at work and have now created my own Twitter profile once again. This past week, I was part of an awesome experience at work. We tweeted live from the OR our first two robotic assisted bariatric surgeries! Super cool.

So realizing how much I interact with social media personally and how much our bariatric community interacts with social media, I’m really curious which ones do you use? Which ones do you like best? Least? I’m asking that you please take the poll below and also post in the comments which social media outlets you like best and why.

Please feel free to connect with me via any/all of the following!
Via Facebook as BariBelle (my personal page, it’s new and needs some likes)
Like/Follow my work page Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity for hints, tips, recipes, and reminders for both surgery and non-surgery folks
Via Twitter as BariBelle (my personal Twitter account)
Via work Twitter posts from Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity (Work Twitter account and where you will find the live tweets from the OR by searching hashtag #cmcwls then “select all posts”)
Via my YouTube Channel BariBelleCBN (I’m going to be adding videos over the next few weeks)
Via our Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity YouTube Channel (video testimonials, procedure videos, and lots of other cool stuff)
Via Google+ (I’m really new to this one and not getting the hang of it too quick, so I could really use your help!)

I’m really excited to hear/see/read your thoughts on which social media outlets are your favorite and why. I’ll be keeping up with you via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube and whatever is new and exciting!


9 Comments on “I’m Curious

  1. Social Media I believe is vital to the survival of any organization these days. We are so driven by the need it “now” technology that emails, snail mail, phone calls just don’t cut it any more. While I’m not a Google+ user it may pick up later but I use Facebook daily, Twitter most days, and check YouTube and LinkedIn daily as well. 🙂

  2. I have used facebook almost exclusively for a couple of years now. But when I decided to get serious about blogging and increasing my on line footprint, I have added twitter and google+

  3. Thanks Jeff! That’s pretty much my usage as well. I check Facebook multiple times per day, Twitter a couple of times a day, YouTube 1-2 times a week and LinkedIn 3-4 times a week. Google+ just isn’t impressing me yet, but it could be because I don’t know what all it has to offer.

    • I too have not been overly impressed with Google+ either. It seems to be more friends focused and not as “socially” open as Facebook to me. I like Facebook so I can share my photos and various things with family and friends and I don’t see Google+ being the medium for what I do socially.

  4. I love Facebook. I use Twitter now and then, mostly for an online book club discussion group. I’m working on Google+ but I don’t really understand it yet.

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