Keurig Krazy

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.
~Stephanie Piro

I love coffee. The warmth, the smell, the way it warms my throat and scatters the sludge from my brain. I enjoy my first cup every morning snuggled on the couch with the two pups while I check email, Facebook, etc. Prior to (bariatric) surgery, I enjoyed Starbucks every day, sometimes twice a day. My caffeinated drug of choice was a Venti White Mocha with a calorie content in the neighborhood of 600 calories each. Initially after surgery, I gave up my coffee. I didn’t need the acidity in my sensitive little stomach pouch and I struggled quite a bit to get my fluids in every day, so no caffeine undoing the hydration process. After a few years though I began venturing back into the wonderful world of coffee.

I like frou-frou coffee. You know what I mean, the calorie laden, barely beige beverage topped off with a mound of whipped cream drizzled in caramel or chocolate. However, neither my wallet or my waistline enjoy those frou-frou drinks purchased at stores with Mermaids hanging around outside so I’ve spent quite a bit of time investigating how I can have my type of coffee without drinking hundreds of liquid calories.

Flavored coffee beans (or flavored ground coffee) have essentially no calories, <5 per 6 ounce serving (seriously? who actually owns and uses a 6 ounce coffee cup????) Some people are strong enough to just enjoy the flavored coffees black (I'm not one of them, not enough hair on my chest to drink black coffee!); however, I've discovered so many ways to add little to no calories to these flavored coffees resulting in drinks that rival Starbucks. My pre-Keurig favorite was the Millstone Caramel Truffle coffee combined with Splenda and Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel Coffeemate.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Keurig. I had coveted the Keurig for quite awhile and the week after Christmas 2010, it was destiny. The machines were 40% off at Macy’s. I bought the big industrial strength one with the water reservoir for home and the single mini for the office. This opened a whole new world! All those funky flavored coffees I had wanted to try but didn’t think hubby would like I could now try. Single serve, fresh brewed whenever you want it. There are many, many, MANY options available and the best deal is at Amazon. I discovered Gloria Jean’s butter toffee flavor combined with splenda and SF caramel vanilla is as good as any toffee nut latte I’ve had at SB for less than $1.00 and less than 50 calories. I thought I had reached coffee nirvana.

Oh, the best was yet to come…I finally caved in to peer pressure and decided to try the Torani’s sugar free syrups. Oh my! I’m sure the baristas think I have died. I’m quite sure I’ve died and gone to coffee heaven. Between going crazy with the Torani SF sampler and the sample packs of K-cups at Bed, Bath and Beyond, my counter now looks like we run a corner coffee shop! Below are some of my new favorite discoveries (warning, I like my drinks to taste sweet, you may be fine without adding the splenda.)

Start with this K-cup Add this Torani SF Syrup Add this SF Creamer +Splenda
Gloria Jean’s Mudslide Peanut Butter Plain or White Choc Caramel
Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee English Toffee Vanilla Caramel
Green Mountain Gingerbread Gingerbread Gingerbread
Green Mountain Hazelnut Hazelnut Hazelnut
Van Houtte White Chocolate Mint Peppermint Peppermint Mocha

Those are just a few of my favorites, the combos are endless and just to add another usage for those wonderful SF syrups, try mixing it in with Fage 0% Greek Yogurt for a high protein, low calorie breakfast. Now the pups are fully awake, I’ve had two cups so I’m fully awake, so it’s time to get on with the day. Next dose of caffeine slated for 2 PM at work. You know, I must keep the caffeine level therapeutic at all times to function properly! Share your favorite low cal coffee combo below.


One Comment on “Keurig Krazy

  1. Oh how I’ve fallen in love with the Torani SF syrups. My new favorite is the salted caramel. I take a scoop of Vanilla Unjury and mix it with just a bit of water(so it doesn’t lump up in my coffee). I then add a shot of the SF Salted Caramel and finish filling my cup with coffee. I add a couple of SF sweetners because I too like the sweet coffees. I’ve got a 100 cal breakfast in a cup that is devine!!

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