When we say our fur babies, it may be closer than you think!

The boys in Mom's lap

You’ve already met our two dogs, Geordie and Brady. I’ve been laughing quite a bit as they’ve been getting to know each other. The first week we brought Brady home, Geordie hardly “spoke” to me. I definitely got both the cold shoulder and the cold tail. It reminded me of when Colin was two years old and Reo brought him to the hospital to meet his new baby brother. Colin promptly took one look at Brandon lying in the little bassinet, then looked at me, and stomped over to sit in a chair across the room with his arms crossed. He wouldn’t speak to me, he wouldn’t sit with me, he wouldn’t even look at me. The whole first week we were home with the new baby, Colin would just glare at me. Eventually, he tried to “play” with Brandon, if you call dropping toys on him playing…

Fast forward to when we took Geordie to meet Brady before deciding to bring him home. We met Brady at the groomer’s (Heavenly Paws in Clarksville who groomed this Tennessee Death Row Dog for free!) I went in and sat in the floor and played with him first. Then Reo came in and played with him for a bit. Then he went to the car and brought Geordie in to meet him. As dogs typically do, they sniffed each other and looked at each other and then sniffed each other some more. Brady (at the time known as Dillard) came around and sat in my lap. Geordie did not like that at all! He kind of play nipped at him to try and get him up. Then Brady went over to see Reo for a few minutes and Geordie decided it was time to make his move. He promptly walked around to my side, started at my knee and proceeded to hike his leg and urinate on my leg from knee to ankle! While the lady from Heavenly Paws and the lady from TDRD gasped (and of course, Reo laughed), Geordie walked away, chest puffed out, looking so proud, you could almost hear him say, “My momma.” I think the fact that I didn’t freak out helped seal our adoption fate with Brady. (It may have also helped that when they asked for proof that Geordie had been vaccinated for rabies that I had a copy of the documentation on my iPhone.)

Now, we’ve all been one [mostly] happy family for a couple of weeks. I still have flashbacks to when Colin and Brandon were jealous of each other (like yesterday? literally, it was yesterday!) when watching Geordie and Brady play. They will run and play and chase each other and get along great, but then…I catch Geordie looking across the room when Brady is in my lap. He has this look like, “Why, why did you bring him here? Wasn’t I enough? Didn’t I deserve all of your love?” That look of course, breaks my heart and I go scoop him up (as much as you can scoop up nearly 50 pounds of dog) and love and kiss on him. While doing so Brady will come put his fluffy little paws on my leg like, “What about me? What about me?”

They have learned how to fake each other out too. Geordie will be sitting beside me when Brady will grab one of Geordie’s toys. Of course, Geordie is going to jump off the couch, bark at Brady and go grab the toy. By the time Geordie turns around to show off the toy he has rescued, Brady is sitting in his spot looking all satisfied and I swear I can just hear him saying, “Na-na, na-na, boo-boo.” I would totally be lying if I said I don’t love all this attention. Fur babies are the best!


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