Dog People? Cat People? Caring People!

Earlier this week I gave you a little update from the OAC retreat by introducing you to our board members who are by my definition “scary smart.” At every retreat we always begin with some type of ice breaker during our introductions. This year I asked everyone to tell us something work related, something personal and we also tossed the thumb ball person to person to learn fun facts about each other, such as worst job ever, favorite concert, etc.

Icebreaker Thumb Ball

I began by introducing myself, showing off my laptop wallpaper of my two new pound pups. As we went around the room and completed introductions (5 staff members and 13 out of 14 board members), we noticed an interesting phenomenon, all but one of us had either dogs or cats that we included in our introductions and the really interesting fact to me…nearly all were shelter or rescue dogs! It just made me wonder is there a pattern? The people on our board are some of the busiest professionals I’ve ever met. They are also extremely dedicated to multiple volunteer organizations and the OAC is blessed to have every single one of them. Yes, the OAC is lucky to have their expertise, their “free labor,” and certainly their dedication; however, I believe we are most lucky to have their truly kind and caring attitude. We know those affected by obesity are many times not treated kindly. Often we’re ridiculed, blamed, shamed or just plain ignored. Kind of like a shelter dog (no, I am not saying we’re dogs, I’m just drawing a comparison!) When you care about an issue, any issue and are truly passionate about seeing the issue improve, you work really hard, it tends to permeate every area of your life. Hearing this group of people I respect so much describe their pets really allowed a peek into the kind and caring side we know resides within each of them.

What’s the point of this post? Well, since the retreat I’ve not been able to get it out of my head how this group is really working to rescue the rights of those affected by obesity, the same way they rescued their pets, with strength, devotion and dedication. If you’ve not yet joined the OAC, please do so now. It will be the best $20 you’ve ever spent.

If you’re looking for a new pet, let me steer you in the right direction for that too!

Geordie Davis, age 1 adopted from Bonaparte's Retreat

This is Geordie Davis, who came to us in October of 2011 via Bonaparte’s Retreat. Geordie was just under a year old, fully potty trained, crate trained, super smart and super sweet. He is a mixture of sweetness, he has some Scottie in him as well as Basset hound (his front paws) and lab (he is a water dog and obsessed with tennis balls.) He is the best natured dog I’ve ever seen, he lets me dress him up but he hates to be brushed.

Brady Davis adopted from Tennessee Death Row Dogs 12/29/2011

Brady Davis, came to us on December 29th, 2011 via Tennessee Death Row Dogs (who had rescued him from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.) Brady is a four year old Cocker Spaniel who’s owners turned him in the day after Christmas (I simply canNOT imagine!) He is house broken, we’re working on crate training and he is the best little snuggle bunny ever!
Now, go out and pay it forward, share your dedication, devotion and support to a cause. Might I suggest the OAC?


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